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Please be aware that classes do fill up quickly so the earlier you can submit your application the more likely you will be able to get on to your chosen course.

Due to the popularity of our courses, most interview days are over-subscribed so please therefore only apply if you are seriously interested.

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To complete an application online please click the link below.

Once you have submitted your application, our Enrolments Team will contact you either by phone or email within 48 hours to inform you of whether your application has been successful.

If you start your online application and are unable to complete & submit it then and there, any information entered will be stored for 14 days so you can return to complete this at a later date.

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Call the Enrolments Team with any questions you may have, they will also be more than happy to complete an application with you over the phone.

Once your application has been completed you will receive an email detailing whether you have been accepted and inviting you to book an Interview.

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Entry Requirements

  • Entry into our first year is open to any adult who can demonstrate that they can understand the course materials, is ethical and responsible, and who wishes to make a difference to themselves and others by entering this field. If you have a desire to grow and to help others, we welcome your application.
  • Direct Entry onto our second year is possible if you have a Level 3 qualification in counselling or some types of professional hypnotherapy qualification.
  • Entry onto our Level 6 course is normally at the point of passing our other courses.

Application for Interview

On successful acceptance from application you will be invited to Interview. your Interview will be conducted via Teams. Your Interview will be carried out by a Chrysalis Courses Interviewer. All of our Interviewers are Accredited Counsellors.

You will be provided with an appointment time and the appointment will last 45 minutes. The interview is informal and is an opportunity to ask any questions you have, to gain insight from an expert in the industry and a chance for us to get to know you.


Application Terms & Conditions

We have a responsibility to ensure that our students are safe, competent and ethical to undertake our training. This means that we need to protect not only yourself, but your fellow students and potential future clients by being as sure as possible that we only accept students on our training who are appropriate at the time of application.

If you are actively addicted to drugs or alcohol, or if you’ve been convicted of sexual offences, we cannot accept your application.

If you have a past history of addiction to drugs or alcohol; any criminal history; have been subject to any complaints procedures related to this field; are recently bereaved; have been diagnosed mentally ill or are receiving medication for an emotional or psychological condition; have a serious physical illness or condition, are pregnant or epileptic – we may be able to accept your application but you must tell us in the declaration on the Application Form.

For example, pregnancy and epilepsy may be contraindicated for hypnotherapy and so medical permission may be required; whereas certain classes of illness may have safety to practice issues which need to be assessed. We will make your enrolment decision on a case by case basis and will fully comply with all equality, diversity and disability regulations, where necessary taking independent advice.

Applications from People with Disabilities

We welcome your application. If you have a disability we hope that we will be able to adapt our training in any way possible that will assist you to complete our courses. We ensure our venues are almost invariably accessible and can facilitate the presence of guide dogs, support persons, and appropriate adaptations of the course materials where possible. Please let us know your requirements when applying and we can arrange a longer interview to discuss your needs.

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