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Can Chrysalis courses make me eligible to become a registrant with a register recognised by the professional standards authority? (An Accredited Register)

Yes. In 2010 the Government asked the Professional Standards Authority (which oversees organisations such as the General Medical Council, Health & Care Professions Council, and Nursing & Midwifery Council) to launch a system of Accredited Registers for professional associations who could meet the rigorous standards. The Accredited Register programme was launched in 2012 and it is now vital that counsellors and therapists are registered. The public is increasingly seeking only accredited registrants and the NHS is including the Accredited Register programme in its provision of services.

Chrysalis courses are your route to the all important status of being a Registrant on an Accredited Register which is now vital for your professional success. Chrysalis courses are fully accredited by either the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society or National Hypnotherapy Society, which are both Accredited Register holders with the Professional Standards Authority.

Are Chrysalis courses accredited by reputable professional associations?

Yes. Where indicated on the course pages, Chrysalis courses are fully accredited by either the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society or National Hypnotherapy Society. It’s compulsory to join the Societies and maintain membership throughout training, as well as to join as a Registrant or Accredited Member on graduation (depending on course). From there, you can progress to even higher levels of membership and recognition.

The Societies are both Accredited Register holders with the Professional Standards Authority and have a host of benefits to your membership, such as eligibility to join the Royal Society of Public Health. Senior Society grades are eligible for Fellowship.

Are the qualifications recognised by OFQUAL and are they on the RQF?

Yes. Where indicated, courses are recognised by OFQUAL via The Princes Trust and are listed on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). Unlike other training providers who just issue their own “internal” qualifications, Chrysalis qualifications are externally recognised and credits can be transferred for further education. You can see the full syllabus information for each course (using the course code) by searching the Ofqual Register.

OFQUAL Register

What is studying with Chrysalis Courses like?

As well as face to face work, you will be given a wide variety of regular assessed practical and theoretical modules.

  • There is one homework assignment per month with an average of 30 hours reading and writing – approximately 8 hours per week.
  • Many courses have practice groups which meet between modules.
  • A personal tutor is available in between classes (at set contact times).
  • Support from Chrysalis head office by your named Student Liaison.
  • Your client work will be appropriate to your chosen course and skill level, including a supervised placement whilst studying course 3.
  • Our methods of assessing students are wide ranging and fair, focusing on key practical skills. Chrysalis uses a system of independent second marking as well as using a highly qualified External Examiner to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Each year, final assessment is on your practical classroom work and work with clients and you will qualify if considered safe, ethical and competent at the level of your chosen course.

When and where do courses take place?

  • Courses are held across the UK in many different locations. (Please note, although we run courses at universities, they are not part of the university syllabus).
  • Chrysalis courses meet for one full class day per month, on a weekend. In addition, students meet with fellow students for scheduled practice sessions, which are arranged flexibly and can be evenings or weekends.
  • Classes run throughout the year, usually with the exception of July, August and late December.
  • Courses start in either Spring or Autumn depending on your location.
  • The label on your prospectus will provide you with your application deadline date & closest training venue. Courses normally start in the venue where you are interviewed.
  • As our courses are routinely over-subscribed we advise that you enrol several months before your course begins in order to reserve your place and secure your funding.

Are all classes held face to face?

At Chrysalis, we offer a blended learning style. This means that 70% of your classes will be held face to face, and 30% are held online, via Zoom.

What can I do with these qualifications?

On graduation from indicated courses, you will be eligible to gain accredited membership with the relevant bodies and, subject to terms and conditions, join an Accredited Register, such as the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society.

  • You’ll be able to use your qualifications as Entry points into the profession either by seeking employed work or setting up a private practice. The qualifications will also give you access to higher courses with Chrysalis.
  • Career opportunities with a Chrysalis qualification can include; self-employment, whether working in a clinic or from home; employment in a variety of settings; enhancing your existing career; training and supervising, and a host of others. These opportunities can and should be combined to gain full use of your qualification.
  • It’s worth noting that job opportunities are generally available for counsellors. There are few, if any jobs available for hypnotherapists and the vast majority of hypnotherapists therefore work in private practice.
  • We can help you towards building a successful practice and ensure you understand all the relevant elements of using your qualification successfully.

How do placements and supervision work with Chrysalis?

  • Earlier courses are study of skills practice based and use classroom supervision.
  • The Level 5 Professional Diploma requires an approved placement. Placements are arranged by the students, where supervision is not offered by the Placement Provider students will need to arrange their own.
  • Chrysalis will supply you with a guide on how to get a placement.
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